Puzzled by pattern

I’m trying to do a hand knit and I’m stumped.

row3 reads S1,(p1,k1,)6 times,p1,(‘twist 2 front’,twist 2 back’)twice.p1,k6,k1 tbl,p2 ‘twist2 back tbl’,k1 tbl, ‘twist2 front tbl,p2,k1 tbl,p1,2 OUT OF 2,p6,cable back,3 OUT OF 1,cable font,p6, 2 OUT OF 2,p1,*(twist 2 front’twist 2 back’)6 times, rep from to,once,k1 tbl,p2,‘twist 2 back tbl’,k1 tbl,'k1 tbl,‘twist 2 front tbl’.p2,k1 tbl,p1,k6,p1,(‘twist 2 front’,‘twist 2 back’)twice,(p1,k1)7 times.

What does 2 out of 2, 3 out of 1, 2 out of 2 mean???

thanks for any help.

Good question. Do you have a link to the pattern or a picture of it? Somewhere in there, between the needle size/gauge information and the CO instructions, there should be notes that explain how to do the cables. It could be increases or how you knit the sts in the cable.