Puzzled by increase

I am starting a pattern knit only in garter stitch from top down. I have cast on and now have to increase on alternate rows to add stitches for the sleeves. The increase method is yo and it says in the pattern I should have an invisible increase and not a hole. I have holes. I have watched the video and I’m still confused. Am I doing something wrong? Would another increase method be better? Any suggestions would be welcomed.


(This is my first post and I’m really looking forward to help.) :??

If you are doing a yarn over as an increase, you will have a hole. I don’t know why the pattern would tell you that it would be invisible. Other good choices for increases are kfb (knit into front and back of same stitch, also known as a ‘bar increase’) and M1L or M1R, depending on which way you want the increase to slant. You can find videos for all of these here.

Even if you knit into the back of the yo?

Even if you knit into the back of the yo?[/quote]

That will make the hole smaller but I still don’t think it would be invisible.


Thanks - the problem is solved thanks to using a different increase method, and the results actually look better than the photo on the pattern.