Putting the drive band on

So I got my very first wheel! YAY! :cheering:But… I am having a few issues. It is a used Leclrec. (30 yrs old) I spun on it in the shop and am a new spinner so it’s great for me. I spun up 8 oz of wool last night (as soon as I got it home!) and now want to ply it. When I turn the wheel counter clockwise the drive band comes off. It is double drive and I noticed the band is 1 loop so there is a twist in it. Is it supposed to cross or are there supposed to be 2 loops? I don’t want to make 2 loops if it is supposed to be this way but I don’t get how it would work!

If it is a double drive wheel, it is supposed to cross. See [B]here[/B] for a good explanation of how double drive works.