Putting stitches on stitch holders?

I’m knitting a sweater int he round (from the neck down), and I’m at the place where I need to seperate out the sleeve stitches and place them on holders to knit the body, but I can’t quite visualize how to do that. Do I start knitting the next row, and then stop when I get to the sleeve stitches to put them on a holder, and then continue ?

(does this question even make sense???)


the question makes sense, but in order to answer you correctly, can you post the exact instruction from the pattern?

Does it say “k 34, place next 20 on stitch holders, with new yarn k 20” or something like that?

It says “Divide sleeves from body of work: Place 2 adjoining sets of 3 seam stitches on holders with sleeve stitches. Cast on 15 stitches in each under arm gap. Wrok even in pattern …”

For top down raglans, you’d knit to the sleeve, put those stitches on a holder. Actually putting them on waste yarn is better since it doesn’t get in the way.

Then, with the same yarn, continue knitting the back of the sweater so that the front and back join under the arm. Some patterns have you add on some stitches here, too. Work your way around to the other side, do the same thing, and your body will be attached on one needle to continue in the round.

Wonderful! Thanks… Ingrid, if you’re able to make it to the NE gathering Sunday, I’ll show you my progress!