Putting stiched row on a holder

I am fairly new to knitting and I am working on a Central Park Hoodie. I have completed the back for the hoodie and the pattern calls for the back to be put on a holder and to begin on the left front. I put the last knitted row on the holder but do I bind off? How do I start the left front when I still have the row on the holder with the ball of yarn?

I hope that you can decipher what i am trying to say. Thanks in advance.
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You can either cut the yarn, leaving a long tail for weaving in or sewing, or begin with another ball of yarn to CO for the front.

That is what I was going to do but was not confident since there is still a stitch that is not bound off. Will i use that later when I piece the cardigan together?

Cut the yarn and pull up on the last stitch to secure it, or thread the cut tail through the loop.

what are you supposed to put on a holder if there is just 1 stitch?

To my the description sounded, like there are several stitches (probably where the hood will start later - so along the whole neckline) and that you keep those on a holder (cut your yarn if you need the ball) and start fresh on the fron piece. There you will probably put the left front neck line on a holder and then do the same thing on the right hand side.

As I understand this you will NOT bind off those stitches but just keep them on the holder…

but if you only have 1 stitch left?! That confuses me.
Is that pattern available online? I would take a look at it then!

The one st left is the last loop left over from binding off the shoulders with the neck sts on the holder.

well, that needs to be looped through, you are right. binding off the shoulders needs to be completed, then you can work on your next piece. BO goes to the last stitch.

Have fun with your project!

But where are the stitches they say to put on a holder coming from? Are we talking about the shoulder seam stitches? Should they be bound off or held for a 3-needle bind off later on? Or are they talking about stitches at the back of the neck?

I got sidetracked and thought they were neck stitches, but I don’t have the pattern. However, she did say the back sts were put on a holder, didn’t she? I think she’s a little confused about what’s going on, exactly. I guess I am too.

Well, that makes the 3 of us (confused). :???:

I have the magazine it’s in somewhere, but I’ll probably never be able to find it now I want to see it…

I’m sorry I did not mean to confuse everyone including me. I finished the last row of the back of the hoodie and there is not 1 stitch left, what I was referring to is the fact that the pattern did not say bind off it said to knit until measures 8" and put on holder and begin the front. Just cutting the thread makes sense because I would need the ball to begin the front.

Thanks for your help everyone, I appreciate it.

If it says to put the sts on a holder and not BO, then yes, you do just that.

ah! clear now!
the stitches are used for joining later. Look at the comments for finishing touches / seaming / joining or whatever it gives you:
there will be instruction or comments on how to join your shoulder pieces.

If you do bind off instead, you just change the look, not so much the fit. But not binding off is what your pattern really wants. If it is possible for you: do it!