Putting Separate Pieces Together

Hey Ladies!

My name is Priya. I am a beginner knitter and was hoping I could pick your experienced knitting brains for some advice. I am working on knitting a small baby blanket for my future niece/nephew and wanted to make the separate pieces and then join them. Do any of you know how to do that? I heard I could use a darning needle and join them that way, but I was hoping that one of you out there would be able to help me out. Thanks so much and good luck with any projects that you may be working on!



To join knitted pieces, you generally use the same yarn you knit the pieces with. Mattress stitch makes a nice seam, but for a blanket you might want to try the edge-to-edge seam found here:


Another option is to make a blanket by working back and forth on circular needles so that you can make it in one piece rather than be limited by the length of straight needles.

This post just below yours is asking something similar. Perhaps some insights for you.