Putting letters on a knitted item

Hello everyone,

I Knitted a cardigan for my co-worker grandson and she wants me to put his name on the back.

Can somebody help me with this?

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

You should embroider it. This can be done with cross-stitch or other types, but if you want it to look like it was knitted in, use duplicate stitch (aka Swiss darning). Lots of good tutorials if you Google for them.

I agree with redwitch, and I’d love to see pics to see how it turns out.

Since the sweater is already complete, you could try what is known as “Swiss Darning” or “Duplicate Stitch.” Try these web sites:


You can do a web search for a cross stitch alphabet you think would work best with the sweater design.


Good luck.

I agree with the others, do dupicate stitch. It really isn’t hard once you see the tutorials. For the hat I made for my son, I got the pattern for the letters here. They have a nice selection to choose from.


Go here…


Then go to POST 3 14.

You’ll see the Poncho I made for our neice. I put her Initails on it.

I just single crocheted a chain. BO and olay around with it till you make his /her first inital with it. Then just sew a ew stitches in the letter to make it hold the shape of the letter. And do the same with second initail. In Lauren’s case, I made 2 single crochet chains and made a L a& an S. Then sewed them onto her poncho.

Hope this helped.

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