Putting Knitting Help in our Internet posts elsewhere

[color="#400080"]So, where do we go to get KnittingHelp icon’s? I’m thinking I’d like to direct people from my posts elsewhere (like Rav, blogspot, flickr, or other forums) back to here.

Do you have an official landing page you prefer us to use in links? :think:

We’ll have to ask Sheldon and get back to you.

Interesting idea! I have the business cards that I give out in real life when someone asks, but a link to KH is a good idea, too. :thumbsup:

Hi Jack,

Thanks for thinking of us! We always appreciate the links. We have linking graphics of various sizes here:


And if none of those work for you, I have also attached a larger transparent PNG version of the KH which you can use to make your own graphic.


Thanks, Sheldon. The graphics and links will work with web postings.
( Though I don’t know how to do that from my phone yet. )

I remembered Jan’s mention of business cards. Do you now have a QR code for such printed references?

Hello @OffJumpsJack,

At the moment, we haven’t placed a QR code on our KH cards. Back when we made them (2004?) I am not even certain such things were on our radar.

We are in the midst of doing a lot of updates, including a new website design that is mobile friendly (about 55% of our traffic now comes on mobile devices and tablets). So perhaps we’ll update our cards as well and I’ll keep the QR thing in mind.