Putting all the pieces together

I have sleeves, back, left front, right front and want to put it together. Problem…I am new to intermediate/advance work and don’t understand the what the pattern is saying. Any help would be great.

What does it mean to “knit up” in the instructions below?

This “FREE” Pattern instructions:
Join shoulder and side seams. With right side facing, using a 3.25mm circular needle and beg at right side seam, knit up 24 (32-38-46) sts along right front lower edge, knit up 25 (26-26-26) sts along right front shaping to first marker, knit up 15 (12-12-12)
sts along right front shaping to second marker, knit up 10 sts along right front straight edge to third marker, knit up 75 (79-82-85) sts along right front…

It goes on like this through all the pieces. Am I suppose to just add all the pieces on my needles from the needle holders and then “go for it”?

Thanks for you help:??

`Knit up’ means pick up stitches knitwise around the neckline - it’s for the band.

Thanks for the info, but… now how do I do that?

Thanks for the info, now how do I do that?

There’s a video for that. It’s on the Tips page near the bottom.

Now this makes so much more since. THANK YOU so much for heading me in the right direction.

I am just starting to do more complicated stuff and don’t want to give up an go back to scarfs and blankets only. This website and the interaction with other knitters is amazing and so reasuring. thanks again!

Shellyann–another thing-don’t get discouraged if it isn’t perfect the first time. Picking up and knitting neck bands and button bands are the areas where I find myself ripping and redoing it a lot.

If you haven’t made your band already, I do advise that you mark regular intervals around your neckline and figure out how many stitches to pick up between them. This will make your neckband look more even. There is an article here:


It has a picture showing a neckband that’s been marked, and talks a bit more about it.