Putting a thumb on a mitten

Hello everyone, I’m new here so please forgive any poor forum conduct. I’m knitting a mitten pattern (my first) I found online at http://www.ancient-tree-hunt.org.uk/NR/rdonlyres/9C07936D-6349-4EB5-AD30-257C14219730/0/3972athmittens.pdf
I’m at the thumb and I can’t seem to figure out the directions, they are as follows. (I’ll post it in two parts)
k25, turn

I think I understand what the turn means but I’m knitting on three needles (with a fourth free one to knit with so maybe that means I’m knitting on four?) and that’s halfway through the stitches on one of them. When I turn that leaves me with the yarn I’m knitting with on my left hand needle. Won’t I just start making a tube if I start knitting back? Do I need to introduce a fifth?

The next row says to:
Cast on 1 stitch then purl, cast on stitch plus next 13 stitches, turn
I don’t understand if the directions are saying cast on 1 stitch and then purl that same stitch or the next one? And then I don’t understand what “plus next 13” means.:doh:

Please if anyone can bring me some clarity it would be so so appreciated.
Thanks so much! I hope its clear.
PS- I’m only knitting in one color, in case you go check out the pattern, the color changes don’t matter for me.

In this particular pattern, you’ll be working the thumb back and forth on two of your needles. So when they say turn, it’s as with knitting flat–you switch what hands your needles are in and work the back of that piece.

You are also adding some stitches at the beginning of the row, so you’d cast on one stitch and then work it as the row calls for, knit or purl

After you finish the thumb, you’ll sew up the thumb to make it a tube.

So you’ve provided some great clarity. Thank you so much! Just a few more questions.

  1. I’m still just checking, when I cast on new stitches and then it says to purl, I’m purling the stitch I just cast on right?
  2. Also I still do not understand what the “cast on stitch plus next 13” means…Am I casting on 14 new stitches? what does the “PLUS” direction imply?
    Thanks so much!!! This is great.
  1. Yes–you’ll purl that stitch along with the rest of the row.

  2. They’re just clarifying that you’re working the cast-on stitch PLUS the other 13 that are there.

:woohoo: I think I’m finally getting it. Geez, if that silly comma weren’t there I think I would have picked up the gist way sooner. Anyway, thanks SO much for the translation! What a relief.
Be well everyone!!

That extra comma does change the meaning of the directions. I had to read it twice to understand what they meant.

I have a thumb!:woot: (on my mitten I mean) and after I was done with the mattress stitch, sewing it up, you couldn’t even tell there was a seam there. This website rocks! Thank you for the help!!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: