Putting a sweater together - how do I sew in Sleeve?

Hi - I have a sweater knit, have the shoulder’s done - using 3 needle technique (like on the toe of socks) - they look pretty good - the sleeves are done and look pretty good but now I need to block and then sew the cap of the sleeve in - I looked at the different video’s on stitiches and understand about doing the sides - but unsure how to do the sleeve inset??

  • is there a video or can someone explain how to do this? so the seam looks good -
    I read that you shouldn’t use whip stitch?
    :thinking: :??

I usually use a variation of mattress stitch in that I pick up the bars on the vertical stitches of the sweater and the two sides of the stitches on the sleeve. I usually start at the top of the sleeve and work my way down to the armpit on each side so if any easing has to be done any extra stitches are in the armpit.

Attach the sleeve to the sweater at the top, bottom and sides with a pieces of yarn tied in a bow to hold them together to hold them in place. Pins will slip out of place.

Hope this gets you through. We’d love to see a picture when you’re done!

Oh good, this is what I need to do this weekend on my noro sweater. I really am almost done - it calls for 6 inches of turtleneck, they must be thinking that you will fold it over, but I think i will go for a mock turtle with it. Just a few more rows, then bind off, then sew together then done! ( although I am dreading the sewing together).

Kitkat–if you do mattress stitch, you’re seaming will be so beautiful that you won’t mind it. Well, not much, :wink: anyway.

And you MUST post pictures when done! Or else! :wink:

Hi this is fun getting encouragement on my knitting - and having new friends.
Mary :XX: :happydance:

Mattress seam does take some time getting used to, and not as fast as overcasting or others like that… but the finished effect is well worth it! {Now if I could only get motivated enough to finish the rest of the seams on my Skacel sweater!}

Hi - I am excited to say that I have my sweater put together - though still working on the single crochet edging on bottom/sleeves and neck -
The mattress stitch for sides and modified mattress stitch for arms worked well - I feel that it is the best I have done to this point, especially as far as seams. :happydance: :cheering: :smiley:
So glad for this site and your encouragement.
When I get it all finished I will try to get a photo - will have to learn how to do it - and unsure if our old digital cheap camera will even work.


Thanks so much Ingrid (And thank goodness for this excellent site & well managed forum that allows me to FIND the help I need!) I’ve been staring at my sleeves, and my first start to seam them in. I realize now I need to start over and start at the top. I will definitely have some easing to do!

Off I go again to tackle the sleeves with a bit more confidence!!

Kath xxx