Putting a stocking cap together

Mom is knitting a knit 2 purl one stocking (watch) cap. It was too small to fit on her circulars so she decided to knit on straights and when it gets to 10 inches she is going to switch to 4 dpns. We can’t figure out if she should seam it before putting it on to dpns, or wait until the very end.

Any suggestions?

I’d wait or you could get a gap where you started in the round. Why not do the entire hat on dpns, though?

Ingrid, you always come through. I think that you have become my Knitting Hero.

Mom has already started it and she has to have it done by tomorrow. (My neices will be taking it to my brother who just moved to Minnesota)

Thanks for the help, I’ll call mom right now and tell her your suggestions.


Just talked to Mom. She sends her thanks and we talked about your idea of dpns. She states she thinks it will be easier using her straights and switching.

Thanks again,

What ever works! Glad to help.

Went to Mom’s for dinner tonite. She switched to 4 dpns after about an inch of knitting. Yep, you are definately my Knitting Hero!!