Putting a different colour in the middle!

Hi I’m making a little penguin and it involves 2 colours one which is white in the middle for its belly what I’m trying to figure out is how I can do this without having a hole on either side of the white and also when carrying the other colour across how can I stop it from bulking out the white??

Maybe you should work this as intarsia rather than carrying the colors over? Is it worked in the round? Can you give us a pattern link?

I don’t have a link it’s basically 21 stitches then you knit 7 grey 7white 7grey again Iv been YouTubing intarsia Iv never heard of this until today! Going to give it a try and hope for the best

Here’s a video for intarsia but as you say, there are many more on YouTube. It is a little more complicated to work in the round but it you are working back and forth, it just fine.

Hi ya yea I was working back and fourth and it turned out perfectly there’s no bulking and it’s much much tidier thanks for your help do :slight_smile: