Putting a crochet piece on a large knitted piece

hi, I’m trying to design my own knitted cloak pattern (a regular, over-the-shoulder cloak like witches sometimes wear in the movies) and I’m wanting to put a hood on it. I haven’t liked any knitted hoods and I can’t come up with my own because I’m not that good at knitting yet and this is my first pattern to create. I’ve found plenty of crocheted hoods though. Would it be a bad idea to put a crocheted good on the cloak or would it be okay? I haven’t even started knitting this yet. Still doing stitch research, so testing it out isn’t much of an option.

will you like the results? then GO for it! there aren’t any rules, you can be as creative as you want.

and of course, we’ll all want to see the results.

how long will the cloak be? it sounds like a pretty big project.

It’s definitely going to be a HUGE project. It’ll be about as long as I am tall minus a foot so about… 5 feet… Maybe 5.5 or even 6. If I do make (and finish) it, I’ll post pictures. But, once again, it’s still in the research phase. Looking for stitches that look good when I do them that are easy enough, and looking for borders and edges.