Pushing Daisies

The PI character Emerson Cod (played by Chi McBride) knits to relax!

The knitting itself is ugly, yellow and presumably a scarf, but he finds stockinette “relaxing”. :woot:


Meredith Grey – the main squeeze of “Grey’s Anatomy” finds knitting sweaters a healthy alternative to promiscuity.

Knitting has a medical value! :cheering:

Ah, yes - but although Emerson doesn’t like to knit in public, he does carry his WIP with him. And this time, it saved the day. I always knew those pointy sticks might come in handy.



I totally love this show and that just made me love it even more. :teehee:

My bf was watching it when I came home from work tonight and that’s the first thing he said to me!

I was so excited when I saw that! One of the sexiest things I ever saw was a man crocheting. I kinda like the sight of a man knitting, too.

I thought it was weird though that he wouldn’t go to the morgue until he finished his purl row… and he was doing a knit. Tonight’s the first night I’ve seen it. The way the voice over thing is done reminded me a lot of Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy.

I loved it! I especially liked the handgun cozies. :teehee:

LOVE this show.

The Voice over is done by Jim Dale. He’s done loads of books on tape. My favorite are the Harry Potter ones. :wink:


He does an exceptional job with the Harry Potter books. I found out he was narrating this show and that’s the main reason I decided to tune in. Glad I did because it’s so witty. :slight_smile:

I watched the premiere last week and enjoyed it. Imagined how Happy and Shocked i was to the knitting reference!! :woot::woot: and when the narrator talked about the stress and the constant knitting bc of it. I was like YES!! and my favorite was his knitted gun cozies. I liked that the needles saved the day and that he knitted correctly.


Even my dd (ok, she was up past her bedtime and shouldn’t have been watching but she kept popping in for “just a minute!”) appreciated the knitting reference.

I loved the gun cozies but the little money cozies he made were pretty cute too!.

You know, I watched about the first half of the first episode, but I got distracted and didn’t finish it. Hearing you guys talk about it makes me want to go watch it. Since it’s on ABC, I can watch the entire episodes! Hooray! :woot:

I have the 2 shows on tivo but haven’t watched them yet :teehee:…will have to do so now since knitting is mentioned :thumbsup:

I wonder if his knitting will continue in later episodes…

It would be neat if you could go to ABC Pushing Daisies and see a link to knitting pattern he has knitted:teehee::roflhard:

I just went there to see. NOt yet.

I love this show too! I just watched it (taped it on Wed. wattched today). I came here to talk about the knitting and here you all were! I also think it is cool Jim Dale is narrating. I was waiting for the 2 main characters to realize that they could kiss through plastic!

Gun cozies:roflhard::rofl:

Money cozies:yay::yay:

Pushing Daisies:inlove::heart:cloud9:muah:


Just finished Peter and the Starcatchers…Jim Dale narrated that too!!! I think DS searches him out for narration. We listen to books on tapes for long car rides.

Well, I went to ABC’s website and watched the 2nd episode and what I had missed of the first one. I’m starting to turn. I think I like it, but I’m not completely on board yet. I’ll have to wait another week and see.

And for the record, it REALLY bothered me when the narrator said he was going to finish his purl row when he was on a knit row. Perhaps I’m being too picky.