Purtagisk knitting

Do you know :psst: how is purtagisk knitting technique. I really surprise ,because they use 2 crochet hook like we use needles. That is very intressting technique :blooby:
I cann’t remmeber that webside ( i saw that in this knitting forum and there is also crochet techniques video on that site.)
If some one ( whoe’s send this site to forum) rember that så please help me to find this.
if somebody have some smiles related to knitting please send me. xxx :guyknitting:

we talked about this a bit ago, if you do the search for I think “portugese” knitting.

Here is the thread that they talk about it and have a video… it is very neat…

What kind of needles are they using? Are they just simply long crochet hooks or are they a different type of knitting needle?