Purse pattern

There used to be a free pattern on this site for a large/small round knitted purse done with short rows. I’m halfway through mine and put it down for a while, now I can’t find the pattern I printed out or under the free patterns section. Does anyone know where this pattern can be found?

If it’s not here then it probably isn’t available anymore.The pattern section was updated just a few months ago and we removed all the patterns that had broken links and we couldn’t find the pattern anywhere. We Googled and looked on Ravelry. :shrug:

I searched with the short row and bag parameters on Rav and found this…is it possibly what you’re looking for?

Thanks, Jan…that pattern from justonemorerow was the one I’m working on. I usually save my patterns on my computer but I didn’t have this one for some reason.
You’re the best! Thank you so much!:muah:

Oh good! I’m sorry they are charging for it now. I hate when they suddenly start doing that. It’s a really cute bag though. :thumbsup: