Purse pattern alterations

Ok, knitting gurus - I have one skein of Iro that wants to become a bag. Most patterns have you knit the bottom of the bag first, then pick up stitches to knit up the body in the round. I do not yet have the coordinating yarn for the base (ooh, need to shop…) but I am itching to start.

So, can I create the bottom last? How do you suggest I sew it to the body? Yeah, I know it’s easier to start at the bottom and work up but help me out here! (Hmm, would it be better to knit flat instead of in the round?)

Thanks everyone!

As someone who would rather knit together a million stitches than sew a few, I’d go shopping.:teehee:

:slight_smile: I know you’ve urged people to agree with your process decision but I’m with Ingrid on this…go shopping! I know how it feels to really really want to get started but down the track when you have to fiddle and sew and ‘stuff’ you may well think…arrggggh I should have gone shopping!

All that said, yes you could knit flat (or even in the round potentially) and add on later but unless you are felting etc the join may be noticeable. The best look may be seamless. Up to you really.

I am really of no help, but I vote for going shopping before you start. You know you want to go buy yarn, some for the bottom of the bag and more just because it’s yarn and you know you need it for something.