Purse instruction help

Okay I am making a purse and i have done the super easy part of just knitting in the round for six inches. I am to the point where i am to shape the pleats and here are the instructions…([color=brown]there are 62 stitches on my needles)[/color]

*K3, (sl 3 sts on DPN and hold in front of work, knit these 3 sts tog with the next 3 sts on the needle) 2 times, k1, (sl 3 sts onto dpn and hold in back of work, knit these 3 sts tog with the next 3 sts on needle) 2 times, k3, [color=green]sl m[/color]: rep from * once – 38 sts remain.

okay two questions now (yeah i thought i only had one until i copied that!)

Am i slipping those three on to the dpn and then knitting all three of those AND the next three stitches together (basically knitting SIX stitches together? :shock: )

The other question is about what that green part means… :thinking:

sl m = slip marker

And, yes, you are knitting together the three stitches on the DPN along with the three on your needle - these will make your pleats.

I think if you were supposed to knit 6 together it would say k6tog and it wouldn’t bother with slipping them to a third needle. So I’m guessing it’s knit one stitch from the DPN together with one stitch from the regular needle three times.

I agree with TwoLeftNeedles–knit one from the regular needle together with one from the dpn, three times.

well i never woulda got that but that makes me feel a lot better cuz i have no idea how i EVER would have been abe to knit six stitches together! :shock:

now the other question is that green part…what does “sl m” mean? :??

slip marker

oh heck…it’s like i am brand new! :oops:

I did that same st. manuever with the bra portion of the Allysa Halter and it all makes much more sense after you’ve done it and see it :wink:
I can’t wait to see your purse, with pleats…yummy :wink:

What pattern are you doing?