Purse insert?


a while ago…and I am 90% sure that it was HERE…someone posted that they purchased a product called “pursac”…a take off of Prozac…lol…and it was a purse organizer, that can be pulled in and out of purses, and you can always find your “schutff”…

was that SOMEONE here??? silver maybe???

I have a contract for a purse , but they won’t buy it without that thingy…can you help??? :slight_smile: THANKS!!!

Is it this? http://www.purseket.com/

no, that wasn’t it…but I did book mark that!!! This was beige in color, and might have had a floor to it…gosh I hate when this happens…
but the more of those that come through, I might find the “perfect” one!!! :slight_smile:

I saw one on a TV commercial, but for the life of me I can’t remember what it was called. If I find it, I’ll let you know.

Found it!! http://www.taylorgifts.com/prodetail.asp?src=GOOG0905&itemno=24399

ya know…these two that you have given me as examples aren’t “it”…BUT…the concept is similar…and as my memory is jogging…I “think” that was the basic principal.

and…if that is the case…I can just MAKE one…sigh…like I need anything else to make…that way, they’ll be the size needed for the bag.

but now, I’d STILL like the thing I was thinking of…lol…

That is a fantastic idea! I’m so making one.

a million years ago, I snagged some upolstry material samples from a store going out of biz. Thought I’d be able to quilt with it. Now it is just sitting in my closest taking up real estate…SOO…I figure that is about the size I’ll need.

If my machine BEHAVES…I should have a ton of these made this weekend. Shame of it all tho is that it will cut into my KNITTING time!!! UGGG…lol…but I do have another couple sewing projects I want to do for a craft fair…so I need to get cracking.