Purse hardware


I have a question for all you felted bag enthusiasts.

For a while now, I’ve been looking for antique brass color magnetic snaps and purse feet for my bag.
All the craft stores seem to carry are gold or silver. Everything I find online has a minimum order or a ridiculous shipping charge. I only need 1-2 snaps and a set of feet.

Anyone be able to tell me where I can find what I need and not hand my paycheck over in shipping? If someone has some extra and wouldn’t mind selling them to me, I’d be happy with that too!

Thank you! :mrgreen:

have you tried pillaging a thrift store to see if there are any bags you can take apart for the hardware? not sure that would work but it was the first thought that came to mind.

You might want to also try fabric stores. I needed purse handles recently and found what I needed for very reasonable prices at the fabric store…things that my Michael’s didn’t carry. Worth a try!

I might try firemountaingems.com - they are more for jewelry making but they have tons of stuff, you might find what you’re loooking for there. Or maybe a flea market - find a bag dirt cheap and use the hardware.

Thank you, guys!
I’ll check my Joann again to see if they got anything new. And keep an eye out for reusable hardware from old bags.