Purse for a 5-year-old?

please help me find one, and in her eyes its not a purse unless it has a strap. oh, but no fun fur please.


Check out Knitting Pattern Central They have a whole page of bags and purses.

I think I’d make a mini Booga Bag.

a mini booga would be adorable- my DH loves anything pink, sparkly, and yes, furry. What about an Amanda’s Squatty Sidekick? you could make it a leeeeeetle bit smaller (it isn’t that big to begin with) and it takes less than 200 yds of wool. And it has a strap.

(knitting daily has the pattern)

i don’t have any wool for felting:shrug:

i’m on a stashie diet:teehee:

Go on, order some yarn. You know you want to!


Oh my…your DH is one unusual man! Hang on to him, honey! :teehee:

How about one of these?


thanx Jan, i like the first one

i’m still looking 4 something a little more girly, though

Even the ruffled one? :think:

These are all felted, but there are some really cute ones here.

I wonder if you couldn’t alter something like this to make it smaller and with handles?

All this assuming you’d want to buy felting wool of course. :wink:

Uh- yeah!!! :blush: I meant DD… yeah, that;s it!! (note to self: PREVIEW posts!!!)

the ruffled, one is nice, but is not her style. and now that i’m thinkning of her style, maybe i DO have to use the fun fur :wall:
one reason i don’t want to felt it is that she really wants something made by me, and i think if i give her something felted, since she can’t see the stitches she’ll think i just bought it.

plus, i already used my reward yarn:teehee:


Oh I see. Well, maybe you could just use her favorite colors and fun fur (:ick:) on the edge.

I have a pattern in my computer called the “Chunky Knit Bag” and I’m sure I found it here somehwere. It’s a neat bag with a long strap. And it would knit up fast! If you didn’t have chunky yarn you could just hold two or three strands together.

My 2 cents.


Here it is!

i think what i’ll end up doing is just a small version of the Easy Tote with a bit longer handles. i’ll have to ask my mom or my sis to decide about the funfur.