Purple V neck sweater wip

Ok I need your honest oppinion, please. Do you think this looks funny having a v neck sweater with a cable in the front under the v, it’s a rectangle of purl sts with a tripple cable thing going down. I’m not sure that I’m too hapy with it. Any thoughts? I really wanted a little something at the v of the sweater, but couldn’t find something that I thought was nice, any ideas?


I like it!! V-necks are my favorite.

I love it!



I love it! I wouldn’t change a thing.

I love it too! I think it would make it slimming to have that cable down the front. (though maybe you don’t need slimming…)

As far as slimming goes, I wouldn’t turn it down (dont know a woman that would) but after 3 kids in just over 3.5 years I think I’m doing great to be back to my 120lbs @ 5’4" so I cant complain, just need to get the rest of my gut a little flatter.

Thanks all of you. After trying it on though I realized it was too low cut for my liking, a bit too big around, about 2" more than I wanted, I had a good 4" positive ease & so I :frog: . It had to be done, or I wouldn’t have worn it. So I’ll co again soon; maybe do another green gables, only with 3/4 length sleeves.
Thanks for all y’alls kind words.

I like it too. It will look lovely :slight_smile:

:hug: I’m sorry you had to frog it, it was very pretty and love the color!

Too bad you had to frog, but no point in going on if you weren’t happy with it. Such a pretty colour.