Purple Gauntlet

I just finished the first of these tonights, I hope to start the other tonight. :slight_smile:

Pretty! Love that color!

very nice! what yarn did you use?

Lovely lovely colour :slight_smile:

How fabulous, I :heart: them!!

I love the fact they are so nicely shaped. :cheering:

I used Bernat SofteeBaby in soft lilac. I love the color purple, and I just happened to have some when I started 'em. My family goes to a lot of Renaissance Faire’s, so I will probably be making quite a few of these. The pattern is out of the Sally Melville - The Purl Stitch book, changed just a wee bit so it was long enough to cover my elbow (I must have monkey arms or something)

Ooh lala sexeh! :heart: Very nice!!

I love the color - and you did such a wonderful job!

Thanks :):slight_smile:

:heart: I LOVE gauntlets and you did an awesome job on this one!

perfectly shaped, lovely color, nicely done :thumbsup:

:smiley: BEAUTIFUL, perfect sts, perfect shape :smiley: I love, love the color :wink:

They are beautiful! I love the color. Purple is absolutely one of my favorites!

Just beautiful!

Wow! Great work. :heart: the shape.

That is awesome!! Love the color too! I’m about to start my pair of gauntlets. They’re pretty much the same pattern except that they have cables on it!

wow those are great! you have such long slender arms!

Very nice! Love the color! :thumbsup:

Thanks again. :blush: I started the second one last night and realized that I’d been working on half size two needles and half size three… I don’t know how I managed this, but it worked ok for the first so I’m afraid to use only size 2’s, hehe. :doh: I thought I had two sets of size two needles and it turned out they were size two and three, just happened to be the same color. I have no idea how I missed the difference in size on the first glove, guess that’s what I get for knitting late at night, hehe. :zzz:

Oh it is lovely! the colors are beautiful. I am sure you could find some similar yarn in the uk without having to get that specific one, 20 pounds on just shipping is a huge amount! Not that I am much help… sorry!