Purple Cardi et al

Not sure if I mentioned this or not. I finished the cardi after having some issues with waste yarn in the sleeve cuffs but haven’t sewn the various bits together. I have been knitting phone covers instead for some friends who cooked meals for us when I was immobilised.

I finished a cowl I was knitting for my daughter. I had to guess what length it should be as I had the pattern in my favourites and when I went to check the pattern it had gone. I should have a printout of it somewhere, but I haven’t been able to find it.

I’m now wearing an aircast boot and using crutches.


You’re making great progress on both the foot and the knitting fronts. Glad to hear that you’re getting around (crutches aren’t easy but it is better than being stuck in one place) and I hope to see the purple cardi soon.

Mobility achieved! :cheering: Improved mobility to come. That’s good progress. I want to see the purple cardi too!

So glad to hear about your progress…both in the personal health realm, and your knitterly realm!

Thank you all. I’m on the last of my current phone covers, but I recently had my first request for a phone cover from a guy! I refrained from showing my surprise and excitement and just calmly gave him a choice of colours from which he unsurpisingly chose black. I’ll start after I’ve finished the current cover.

I’ve continued on with a sampler square from where I left off before my mishap. Still not sure what I’ll do with these - this is only my 3rd one.