i am trying to learn how to purl and just can’t do it. any ideas? i have been knitting for five years so i am somewhat accomeplished and need to know how to purl.

To purl, insert the needle from back to front through the loop on the needle and use the same motion to wrap the yarn you do for making a knit stitch. Have you looked at the purl videos here?

when doing a knit stitch you insert the needle from bottom to top through the loop on the needle with the right needle tip crossing behind the left needle tip.
When purling, this is reversed and the needle is inserted top to bottom with the right needle tip crossing infront of the left needle tip.

I have a little video demonstrating the purl stitch on my website. If you are interested in checking it out, you can find it here.

You can find all my other video tutorials listed here.

Hope you find them helpful!


Good video, MGM.

Its funny how people view a stitch differently. I never think of purl as going through the stitch back to front (though I understand that’s what happens), or top to bottom. I think of purl as going into the stitch from the right of it, and knit as going into it from the left.

If I was to purl thinking of it as going from top to bottom I’d be lost, yet I’m sure we all end up just as in that video, but interpreting our movements in different ways.