Purling vs. knitting

I started my first project 5 days ago, and about the 2nd or 3rd day in, I realized I was using a purl stitch, not a knit stitch like I had planned on. I have tried the knit stitch, and it seems much more awkward to me. Does anyone else find this to be true? Most of the things that I find talk about purling being the more difficult of the two.

Plus, does anyone have any pointers to help me with the knit stitch? I find it difficult to pull the loose yarn through the loop while still guiding it with my index finger.



Most people do find the knit stitch easier. Are you sure you’re purling or are you knitting combined? There are videos at the tab at the top of the page if you want to make sure. They can help you with the knit stitch, too.

This site has some awesome videos. Do you know whether you knit Continental or English style? I don’t get the “I find it difficult to pull the loose yarn through the loop while still guiding it with my index finger” part. Or youtube. I like the knitwitch videos.

I also found purling easier at first; I have no idea why. Definately check out the KH’s videos - they are awesome!

Are you confused as to which is purl and which is knit? A knit st looks like a purl on the next row, and a purl looks like a knit on the next row. So if you knit across a row and turn, it looks like purl sts.

You guys are right. I’ve been doing combined knitting. I looked at the purling video and then the combined knitting video, and I’m definitely NOT purling. I feel better now. What I meant earlier, is that combined knitting seems much easier to me than continental.

Thanks for the help and advice. Things will probably go much more smoothly with this knowledge :slight_smile:

A lot of people use combined knitting exclusively so if it works for you that’s fine. Here’s website that is pretty much all combined knitting info.


I personally find purling to be much faster, weird , I know. When working on st st in the round, I almost always change the pattern around so I can work with the purl side facing. So much faster for me.