Purling two handed fair isle

I love the two handed fair isle technique from Philiosopher’s Wool. Anyone who hasn’t tried it, give it a go. No more tangled yarn :thumbsup:

But, has anyone worked out how to do it when you’re purling? I don’t always knit in the round, so I need to do it purling as well.

Here’s the original technique:

Thanks clever peeps.

:shrug: I just purl with the appropriate color in either hand. It takes practice like anything else.

I would also love to hear from some knitters who are experienced in this. I tried this and ended up frogging the project. It was so difficult for me that I’ve decided to try a steeking project rather than deal with that mess again.

I did find this blog that talks about knitting fair isle flat and posts a link to tutorial but the video has been taken down! :pout: I’m going to contact her to see if the link can be fixed but that may take a while. Hit ctrl + F and type in ‘flat’. That will take you to the paragraph where she mentions flat knitting.

I also found this video but I’m not sure it’s really going to help me much. I just couldn’t catch how she was dealing with wrapping the stitches. However, I want to watch it about ten times before declaring it a bust for me. It’s a combo of English and Portugese knitting styles. I happen to use neither, but it might be of some use to you.

This tutorial seems like it would be very helpful, because she mentions how to move one thread over another, but it kept cutting out and I couldn’t get it to play. Perhaps you will have better luck.

This page is page four of a nice little tutorial but it’s not as good as a video. I love the videos!

I forgot to add the video from KnittingHelp! It is a good video but for me it doesn’t really address the wrapping and float questions that I have. Skip to about the halfway mark to get to the purling part.

Please let me know if you find any good tutorials. Happy hunting!

See if this one helps with purling.

That is helpful! Thank you! :muah:
However, I think I will need to practice quite a few swatches before I knit my dream knitted flat fair isle project.

Ooh gorgeous! Well worth the time and extra practice.

Sorry chaps, I should have clarified :doh:

Two handed, two colours, purling I can do. So fair isle if you swap colours every one or two stitches is fine. But Philosophers wool shows you stitches 3 and 4, for when you are doing more like intarsia. So you can carry your colour across, weaving it as you go, with no floats.

But I tried the ‘pretend to knit, pretend to knit, un-pretend, bring it through’ part of stitch 4 with purling and seemed to get in a tangle :zombie:

So its philosophers wool stitches 3 and 4, purling, that I’m after please clever peeps.

I dedicated some time to it, and I figured it out :cheering:
although there was some swearing and some frogging involved along the way.

Purling two handed for intarsia (or fair isle with more than two stitches of each colour) does work just like Philosopher’s wool way of knitting, but because of the way you hold the yarns when you are purling, you have to pay attention to which yarn is held where.

If I was video-savvy I’d youtube it. But I’m not.

BUT… if anyone ever wants to know how to do it, just ask :woot: