Purling question

How can i distinquish between Purling and garter stitching? i am practicing purling to learn how to do it but its coming out looking like a garter stitch. i am watching the how to videos but its not helping. Im doing it exactly how its shown to me. :thinking:[/b]

all purl stitches is garter. all purl or all knit creates the garter stitch.

so how can i tell if i am doing the purl right?

If you are doing all stitches of every row using purl stitches, you will end up with garter stitch. Same as if you do every stitch of every row in knit stitches you end up with garter stitch.

Maybe try practicing one row knit stitches, one row purl stitches, etc., this produces stockinette stitch with the knit side resembling rows and columns of V shaped stitches, and the purl side with bumps and ridges; the knit side will be much smoother than the purl side. Does this help?

Knitting in stockinette will show you that you’re purl is correct, but if you purl every row and it looks like normal garter–that also tells you that you’re doing it correctly.

The difference between purl and garter is that purl is a stitch and garter is the fabric formed from doing a stitch over and over.

When you purl you should have a bump on the side facing you and a V on the side away from you. If you purl (or knit) every row you will create garter stitch fabric (rows of ridges and valleys). If you purl one row and then knit the next row you will create stockinette fabric (V’s on one side and bumps on the other).

IMO, the Stitch and B*tch book has a good explanation of the differences.