Purling multiple stitches

Hi i was wondering if anyone could help I’m trying to knit using the hyacinth blossom pattern which on first row k1,p5tog I’m having trouble purling the 5 I don’t seem to have the wiggle room to get my needle in all 5 thanks for any help in advance

It’s such a pretty stitch pattern.

I haven’t worked it but if I have to purl 5 tog (or more) and have trouble, I use a crochet hook. It’s best if you have a tiny one or at least one several sizes smaller than your knitting needles.
Insert the crochet hook as if purling and pull the working yarn through as shown here.

Not got a crochet hook as I tried it once and ended in a big knot lol .

What about using a smaller knitting needle or dpn for this decrease only and then transferring the stitch to the right needle as in the crochet hook method?
One alternative is to work these sts a bit more loosely on the previous row. It’ll give you a bit more space to get the right needle in. Also, pointy needles help.

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Here’s a down and dirty cheap trick that works a treat.
Move the working yarn to the front. Slip the next 5 sts to your right needle, purlwise. Lay the working yarn over the tip of the right needle and pass the 5 sts one at a time over the yo you made. Snug up the new stitch if it’s loose by pulling on the working yarn. If the new stitch on the right needle is oriented backwards either fix it now or work into the back leg on the next row. Easy peasy.

If you need to kxtog where x is some horrific number of stitches you can do that by laying the working yarn over the tip of the left needle, passing the stitches over the yo, then slip the new stitch to the right needle.