Purling? just can't get it through my head?

:eyes::eyes: I am just learning how to knit… I have mastered the common dishrag…made about 25 of those…would like to make slippers now…but; I have tried and tried to purl and for some reason…I just can’t get itt o make sense to me…HELP!!! Surely I am not the thick in the noggen??? Am I??? thanks.deb

Watch the purling videos on this site. Do you knit English or Continental? Or combined?

Have you tried knitting back backwards?

Purling is just doing the action of knitting in reverse. You just do the opposite of what you’ve been doing so far in making knit stitches.

When you knit, you start with the yarn in back. When you purl, the yarn starts in the front. When you knit, you go in through the “bottom” of a stitch (if you were to hold the left needle with the point sticking straight up). When you purl, you go in through the “top” of the stitch.

In both maneuvers, whether you’re knitting English or Continental, you’re always wrapping in a counter-clockwise direction. And you’re always tucking that new strand of yarn you’ve wrapped into and out of the old stitch, before dropping the old stitch off the needle. (Combined is a little different, watch the videos for those.)

In either case, sometimes it just takes repetition to get the hang of it. Watch the videos some more, and see if it doesn’t take.

don’t feel bad…it took me forever to figure it out. I finally had to sit with someone and basically watch over her shoulder. It’s really just backwards knitting if that makes sense. Instead of your needle in back, it’s in the front. Did you look at the video here? sometimes a picture of where the needles go helps more than the words!

but don’t feel bad…I was the remedial student in my first class…they wouldn’t even show me how to purl because I couldn’t even do a proper knit stitch! hang in there. You’ll get it!

Have you heard or read any of the fairy tale stories that teach children to knit? Sounds silly, maybe, but I taught myself to knit by reading one in preparation for teaching my children later this winter. :slight_smile: The knit and purl stitches each have their own “verse” to help you remember.

I’m going to change the one I used, since they are copywritten, but hopefully it’ll help.

So, for the purl stitch:

Dive right in
Wrap round the tail
Then slip back through
Cannot fail!

Try saying that while watching a video ( I did!) and see if can help you get it!

ETA, if anyone wants a version of the knit stitch, you could use something like:

in through the front door
to the back
wrap your sack
out through the window

I did jsut that…I watched the video about 5 times and think…just think I might have it mastered??? thank goodness the video will always be there for a refresher course for me…seems like once I sleep on it…I have to look at it again…think it might just be “old” age??? I am 55:)))))))))))))))))))) thanks for all the kind advice…deb