Purling into a YO


I’m doing some lace work that is not looking so pretty around the eyelets/ Where two strands are twisted in the pattern picture, I have two separate strands. I’m wondering if this is caused by not purling into the YO on the even rows correctly? I am purling into the left side of the YO. Should I instead be twisting the stitch by bring the right side which is in the back to twist as I purl?

I’ve tried googling this topic but I"m not getting any results! I watched the video on YO (which was great btw I love this site) but it didn’t show the next row and how you should deal with that YO.

Thanks so much for any help!

You shouldn’t twist the yarn over. It will defeat the purpose by closing up that pretty little hole. On the even rows, just purl into it as normal and continue on. After 2 or 3 more rows, the stitches will even out and your YOs should start to look really nice. :thumbsup:

Hi silver,

Thanks for your quick reply! I tried the pattern again and I think that I was not purling tightly enough across the yarnovers. So, the two strands are closer together but I still don’t have the twisting of the 2 strands from the purl on the even rows, they are just straight. Do you think that they are doing something different than me on this site?


If you scroll down there is a closeup of the stitch. The two strands between the eyelets are twisted, whereas mine are 2 straight strands. Could it be because I hold my yarn in my right hand? It is much difficult to hold the yarn overs in place than what I’ve seen in the tutorial clips.

Thanks so much if you have the time to answer this. I have reknitted the pattern about 15 times now and always with the same weird result!


Well, I know it’s not because you hold the yarn in your right hand. So long as you’re purling correctly, doing the yarn over correctly, and knitting correctly, it should all work out. So I’m kinda stumped. :??

Have you double checked your technique by watching Amy’s videos?

How many rows are you knitting before you decide you’re doing it wrong? I would suggest knitting an entire pattern repeat first. Maybe it IS right after all! :wink:

You said you’re purling into the left side of the yo. When I purl into a yo, I do it like a regular purl, from right to left with the yarn in front. Maybe that’s the difference. If you’re going into the left side wouldn’t that be knitting?

Good point Ingrid! Jodi, I wonder if maybe you’re doing the yarn over the wrong way, so it’s reversed on the needle. As you’re looking at the yarn over, it should come up from the right, in front, go over the needle to the back on the left.

When you do the yarn over, the working yarn should go under your right needle, then over the top.

Thanks so much for all your help! I was purling into the YO by picking up the left leg of the stitch, not the right leg that is in the back of the needle. It made a smaller hole for the eyelet and the two strands separating the eyelets were not twisted so it looked quite messy.

Now I’m addicted to lace knitting tho…