Purling in back

Purling in the back?~~~This Stitch is so confusing to me. I’ve looked high and low for a demo, or picture (since I do better with visual aids!), but haven’t found one.

Can someone describe this stitch to me or direct me to a demo? Either would be great.

Also, I would love to find a good visual book on knitting ~With many pictures of actual real life models demo., rather than the drawings. for some reason the drawings never click as well for me.


well i think this will be the video for that stitch http://www.knittinghelp.com/knitting/videos/misc/p1tbl.mpg

if it isn’t go to abbreviations explained and about 8 links down on the right side is the video.

can’t help you with the books though, i can’t see anything helpful in those pictures…learned everything by real life people or Amy’s videos.


I wanted to suggest that your pattern may have a front and back. The front may be knitted and the back may be purled. I think you will get a reply from a more experienced knitter who will tell you for sure.

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ps… if you say what you are knitting that may help also

I am also a visual knitter (VERY visual) and I would recommend this book.

igot it out of the library, and I have learned a lot. Of course, amy’s videos come in handy too, but my internet connection isn’t terribly reliable, so books are good too.

Good Luck!!!

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Brenda linked to the correct video…

I just had to learn this stitch for the shawl I am making. It produced a twisted purl stitch, just like knitting into the back produces a twisted knit stitch.

with your yarn in front, you are going to reach your right needle around the BACK of the stitch to be purled, and insert it FROM THE LEFT SIDE of the back of the stitch and through to the right-front of the stitch. that way you can wrap your yarn around the needle from the front and push it through to the back and then off the needle. Does that make sense? Well, Amy’s videos are so clear, I couldnt even hope to explain them any better.

It produced a twisted purl stitch

KK, are you sure that isn’t a bad 80’s rock band? :rollseyes: :mrgreen:

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Oh, and I forgot to add; the Coats & Clarks “Knitting Made Easy” is a good (and cheap!) cd for learning the basics of knitting. I find it helpful to be able to watch the knitter’s hands as well. I am VERY much a visual learner.

YEAH! I think they sang “We’re Not Gonna Frog It”!! :roflhard:

YEAH! I think they sang “We’re Not Gonna Frog It”!! :roflhard:[/quote]

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YEAH! I think they sang “We’re Not Gonna Frog It”!! :roflhard:[/quote]

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Yep, that Kelly’s full of it, I mean them. :rofling:

KK, your description is great. I will check out amy’s videos as well.

The book recommendation (learn visually) awesome! and not costly.

:XX: This one stitch has stopped me in my tracks more than once! But, no more! :cheering:


:shifty: Thanks, guys…

And, YAYY! Im glad it worked!

I’m not certain that I can yet visualize the stitch in question. :?? I just learned the twisted knit stitch last week (thanks to helpful souls here :wink: )for a hat I’m making.

:?: From what it sounds like you’re all saying is that a twisted purl stitch is performed exactly the same as a twisted knit stitch with the exception that you bring the yarn in front first. Is that right?

No. If you do a knit with the yarn in front, you’ll get a yarn-over stitch–extra.

You bring the yarn in front. Then your right needle goes around the back of the left needle. You go through the back loop of the stitch from left to right, wrap as you would a purl, and take it off.

No. If you do a knit with the yarn in front, you’ll get a yarn-over stitch–extra.

Doh, of course. :oops:

I think it’s a learning disability for me, and is why I am struggling so hard to learn to knit. Somewhere between the reading and the doing, wires cross for me. :blush: I can pick up most anything in a hurry if I can see it done.

This demonstration is to teach how to do a Twisted Purl Cast On, but I think (hope) it is demonstrating what you are saying to do? :??

www.knitting.about.com/library/bllearnptbl.htm has some pics of purl through back loop

Okay, that links to the same pics as the link I posted. The page I linked to, though it showed the same pictures, was to teach how to do a twisted purl cast on, so that’s why I wasn’t entirely sure it was performed the same way for a simple twisted purl stitch, but I now see that it is.

Thanks, Ingrid! :cheering:

Satisfaction, at last!