Purling Help on Baby Blanket

Hello all! This is my first post on the forum. Like many others, I have picked up knitting during pregnancy. I’m really enjoying it thus far, and am learning fast.

I’ve finished several striped infant seat blankets recently, and was extremely happy with them. While searching for ideas I came across the infamous “Big Bad Baby Blanket”. It caught my eye b/c I had recently learned to seed stitch and loved the seed stitched border of the blanket. However, I hate that the blanket is monochrome.

I’ve done the 20 rows of seed stitch required for the bottom border in a dark taupe color. I would like the inner blanket to be in a light beige.

Here’s where I’m stumped:

The blanket’s pattern tells you to knit 53 sts (I’m actually just doing 51, as I liked the outside border slightly thicker at 12 sts instead of 10) and then purl 53 sts, but it’s assuming you’re using the same color yarn throughout. When I purl, the “tell-tell” line of yarn under the purl that is usually on the WS of the piece is in the front. Is there anyway around this? I’ve thought that I could knit a full row and then just purl from there on, but I’ve seen other finished blankets in multiple colors and they don’t appear to have this problem.


Usually the cure is just as you describe, knit a row all the way across. It becomes almost invisible in the finished blanket. Perhaps that why you don’t notice it in other blankets?

If you change the color on the knit row it won’t show on the ‘RS’.

Yes, always change colors (especially in garter stitch) on the right side rows. Your color changes will be on the wrong side and less noticeable.