Purling help.. I can't do it!

So I think I knit kind of weird. I hold my knitting in my left hand, but instead of holding the working yarn wrapped around my left fingers (as shown on the videos here) I let it hang down and just wrap quickly with my right… despite being left handed, lol. I can’t hold it wrapped around my fingers.\

So, for this reason, I can’t seem to figure out purling… I know it is basically knitting but backwards, but I still can’t get it. It have to really struggle for just one stitch and then it is just too tight. What is happening?

Are you possibly knitting through the back of the loop? That would make it difficult. It sounds like you’re knitting English–wrapping the yarn with your right hand. Continental is when you hold the yarn in your left hand.

Insert the needle in the front leg of the stitch from right to left. Wrap the yarn around the needle, counter-clockwise–over the top of the right needle, and then pull it through the back of the stitch.

Maybe this will help.

It isn’t knitting backwards really. Part of the reason to learn to hold the yarn in your hand (either one) is for tension. Your stitches will be more even once you get the hang of it so give it a try. When you don’t hold the yarn properly your stitches will probably be pretty loose, too.

Did you look at the video on this site? If not check it out. It’s at the link at the top of the page under “basic techniques.” Here is another link that might help.
Learning to knitClick on the learning to purl link. Ignore for the time being how she’s holding the yarn and see how it’s wrapped… over the top counterclockwise.

There are probably several of us who have different methods for purling too. I essentially knit continental and hold my needles like i knit continental but a lot of times i basically throw my yarn when purling too. I usually only do that on long spans of purling and do it “properly” when only doing a couple of stitches at a time.

Also, I actually used this site before finding KH and she uses several different methods of purling, so maybe she has something that will work for you? (their forums are mostly spam though …blah!)

Try to find someone locally who can watch you and see what you’re doing, then advise you on how to proceed with purling. Then just bite the bullet and do a lot of it: practice makes perfect. A knitting group or helpful LYS owner or employee would be your best bet if you don’t have any knitting friends.

Most people think it feels akward at first, just keep at it and you’ll soon find you can do it without a thought.

I am a left handed knitter too. I learned the English Method by a right handed knitter. I also let the yarn hang as you do, then wrap it around my needle. Go to the basic techniques and view the video. I find the videos helpful, because I am a visual learner. xxx
K :smiley: