Purling Confusion

I have recently discovered that when I knit, I hold the yarn in my right hand to knit and my left to purl. If I am moving the yarn in the correct direction (I am not combined knitting, I purl counterclockwise) does this still result in correct stockinette knitting or not? Please help!

The yarn should wrap around your needle the same direction for both the purl and knit stitch, no matter what hand you’re holding the yarn in.

So basically I am knitting using the English method and purling using the Continental method- that’s ok?

Sure, I’ve heard of people doing it the other way around too. Whatever works to get your sts on the needles evenly and untwisted.

You may notice, in stockinette stitch, that your stitches look like popcorn, sort of. It’s not attractive and it’s what lead me (a continental/eastern knitter) to really work on what stitching method worked to get me the look and feel I wanted. If you like the look and feel, stick with it, but if not, consider wrapping the purling yarn in the same configuration as you do your knitting.