Purling a yo from previous row

Hi! I’m working on Caitlin Ffrench’s Cold Pine shawl and I can tell it’s going to end up teaching me a lot! For instance, when I’m purling and I come to a yo from the previous row, what’s the right way to do that?? Just purling as usual doesn’t seem quite right, but I know sometimes things can seem a little off and they end up working themselves out as the pattern goes along. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

The default direction is to purl the yarn overs from the previous row. Unless the pattern directs otherwise, that’s what you should do.

All those little eyelets (holes) in the shawl are created by the YO. They may look wonky at first, but having some weight on the shawl as it grows will make them lay nicely.

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I think I’m following along alright with the pattern itself, just seems like trying to purl the yo makes for an odd looking stitch. But, I guess I am doing it correctly after all and it’ll work itself out as I go. Thanks so much! I’m really excited to get this going!