Purling 2 together into three stitches

I have a pattern that requires me to (p2tog) twice. But I only have three stitches…
Can anyone help? I’ve been stuck on this for ages :frowning:

Can you give us a pattern name or a link to the pattern?
Alternatively, can you give us just 2 or 3 lines near this instruction and the number of stitches?

Pattern number is 1433 snuggly snowflake chunky by sirdar.
(And it’s Starting off with 13 stitches and Decrease to one stitch over 24 rows)
Section of end triangles. rows 22 to 24
Row 21 - K3, turn
row 22 - (p2tog) twice, turn
Row 23 - K2, turn
Row 24 - (p2tog) twice, pass first stitch over second stitch, leaving one stitch. DO NOT TURN

This is all this says.

Do you have 6sts on the needle after row 20?
I can see your problem. You could email Sirdar about the pattern.
It doesn’t make a symmetrical point but if you k4 in row 21 and again in row 23, you can work the p2togs.

There is 3 stitches on the needle at row 20.
It’s an entrelec (sp?) pattern which is worked over 5 groups of 13 stitches.
Not sure if this helps. But I’ll also email Sirdar.

Oh, wow. I don’t see any way that you can do this with 3sts. I’ll be interested in what Sirdar has to say. If nothing else, you can slip one, p2tog, pass slip stitch over on row 22