Purled on Wrong Side, How to Fix?

I’m already done with one side of a sweater I’m working on, and I just realized that I purled one stitch when I should’ve knitted. The mistake is at the very bottom, and I don’t want to have to unravel that far back. It isn’t even that noticeable, but I’m just wondering if it’s possible to fix that without having to take it apart?

Is the sweater done in stockinette?
Many things can be fixed without frogging but if you’ve worked a complicated pattern it might not be a good idea. If it’s not really noticeable you might prefer to try ignoring it.

I don’t think it would be at all easy and at this point I wouldn’t even try.

However, if it really bothered you, you could try a duplicate stitch over it, but that might show more. Or rip up from the bottom or put a knit flower over it. My personal thought…let it go. :wink:

Yes, it’s just in stockinette stitch; no lace or cables or anything like that.

It’s towards the edge, too, so it might even end up getting sewn up in the seam, now that I think about it. Anyway, thanks so much to you both :mrgreen:.

I’m with Jan, I’d leave it. A column of knits can be run down and latched back up. If it’s at or in the seam, forget it. Call it a beauty mark. :thumbsup: I’ve made things and left mistakes knowing I’d never ever not see them, they’d scream at me…and I can’t remember what they were in or where to look for them. I leave perfection to those few who can attain it.

If it’s only a very few rows and if it’s still OTN you could knit back to the stitch column where the error is slip the stitch off the needle and gently slip the stitches down to the errant purl and with it being st st you could change the purl to a knit and then pick up all the ladder rungs back to the start with a crochet hook and reknit the row. I’ve done it a few times having to go down 5 rows. It’s more tricky if you have purls as well in a pattern though.