Purl, YO, Knit

I know how to make the YO when I Knit, YO, Purl but I can’t seem to understand & haven’t found any videos that show Purl, YO, Knit. They show all the ways to YO except this one & I can’t tell how to wrap it. Please help.:?? (((HUGS)))Verna

That’s the easy one - purl then lay the yarn loosely [I]over[/I] the needle and knit the next stitch.

Oh dear, Suzee - I can’t picture it. Lay the yarn over which needle? I struggle with this all the time.

The right needle.

Your yarn is in front to purl, right? So just take it and lay it over the top of the right needle so that it’s now at the back of the needle and knit the next stitch.

Take the yarn from the purl in the front over the right needle and knit the stitch with the yarn in the back. Just don’t pull the yarn tight or it will make the YO too small.

I knit Continental and I do it this way: Purl the stitch, the yarn is in front, let the yarn go over the top of the RH needle to the back and hold it there with your right index finger. Now the yarn is in back and you knit the next stitch.

:cheering: Thanks for all the help. I just seemed to have a block with these stitches.:aww:
I have another question if you could help with it as well. When a pattern has a M1 what would the default M1 be? Do you pull up the stitch on the left needle & knit into the back of the stitch or the front? The pattern I was following didn’t say.
Thanks again, (((HUGS)))Verna

You would knit that stitch so that it makes a twist, doesn’t matter if you lift it from the back or front so long as when you knit it, it twists.

You guys seem to be making this so much more difficult than it needs to be.

All you really have to do is purl the first stitch, keep the yarn in front, now put the right needle into the next stitch to knit, then bring the yarn to the back and actually knit the stitch.

The last couple posts have been about a M1, not the original question.