Purl yarnovers with Priscilla Gibson-Roberts socks

Has anyone done her heels with the yarnovers? I just don’t get the purl yarnovers. She’s saying to put the yarn to the back and then bring it up over the right needle, so you’re moving the yarn clockwise around the right needle (the opposite path of a normal yarnover for purling). The part that I don’t get is what to do next. Do I complete the encircling of the right needle, then stick the right needle in the awaiting stitch and then pull the wrapping yarn back between it to purl? Or do I stick the needle in, bring the over over it from the right and then pull it between from left to right? I’ve tried both and it is loose in one way and creates weird stitches in the other.

:?? I think you just go under and over then complete the next purl stitch. It does create a little yarn over on top of your needle. But, I still wasn’t sure, so I did a little searching for you and found A TUTORIAL on this heel for you!