Purl Yarn Overs?

Hello all,

I have a question about YO’s. I’m knitting from a chart that has K2Tog and YO’s on the RS, and on the WS, it says to P2Tog and Purl Yarn overs.

Silly me, I just purled the stitches that were supposed to be YO’s, and then couldn’t figure out why I had 48 sts when I was supposed to have 51. :doh:

What is a purl yarn over? Do I bring the yarn through a different way? What would happen if I just did a regular yarn over?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give! :hug:

I’ve never seen the stitch referred to as a “purl yarn-over”, but I do know there are different ways of doing a yarn-over, depending on what kind of stitch follows the yarn over.

(I’m probably telling you something you already know.) :wink:

If you do a yarn-over before a knit stitch, you just wrap the yarn.

If you do a yarn-over before a purl stitch, you have to wrap it twice.

Here’s Amy’s video that shows both:

I’ll have to take a look at that video–thanks, Shandeh! :hug:

ETA: Okay, I watched the videos for YO’s. I knit continental, so I only have to wrap it once. Maybe the instructions in my pattern are written with an english knitter in mind? :shrug:

I’ll try regular YO’s and see what happens. :teehee:

I think when they tell you to purl the YO’s, they’re referring to the YO’s you made in the previous row.

You’re probably right, Ingrid! :thumbsup:

By the way, IrishKnitter, here’s Amy’s video for Continental knitters.

That was my first thought too… sue

Yep, just purl them unless there is something in the pattern that makes you think they are referring to something else?