Purl tbl

Hello all,

New to the forums, but I use the knitting help sight frequently…but

I’m working a lace pattern and it calls for: Purl 2tog tbl.

Does that mean I enter the stitches from the left on the side of the fabric that is away from me?:??

Thanks in advance for your help.


Amy’s has video on just that!

just click on the video icon by[B] “p2tog tbl”[/B]


Yes, it’s awkward, but you put your needle in from left to right in the back loop and purl it from there.

I have what I call a kindergarten approach to this stitch. I do it this way all the time, but am not necessarily suggesting you follow my example. :lol: But it may also serve to help you learn where you put the needle.

With the yarn in front for purling I turn the work so that the back side is showing, then I insert the needle into the two stitches from right to left on that side, then I turn back to the front and finish the stitch.

Maybe that will be of some use. If not I’m not offended at all. :slight_smile: Hope you figure out a way that works well for you.