Purl stitch

Hello, I’m new here today. Name is Pauline and I’m in S.C.

I’ve taken up knitting after a long time away. So I’m trying to refresh myself and finish some projects that I dropped. I’m doing the knit stitch okay but having trouble with the purl stitch. I’m having a terrible time doing the last part where you pull the yarn back through. :wall: Can someone give me tips on doing this? I’ve watched the video and I’m still doing something wrong.


Welcome to KH. Do you hold the yarn in your right hand (English style) or your left hand (Continental style)? I knit Continental and the way I purl would make an English knitter’s eyes :eyes: cross.

Thanks so much for responding. I’ve been looking at the knittinghelp.com video and I am using the English style. Maybe I should try the Continental? I know when I used to knit a few year ago, I don’t remember having so much trouble with the purl stitch. I’ll try that tonight. (but I don’t want to cause my eyes to cross!)


Neither Continental nor English is the “right” way or the “best” way to knit. Whatever works best for you is the way you should do it. I just finally learned to knit and purl English style. Thisvideo helped me. If you try Continental this video is how I do my purls, it might work for you, just make sure you have enough tension on the yarn to make the stitch but I find it’s easy to purl more tightly than I knit. Finding how to hold your yarn is probably the biggest challenge whichever hand you hold it in.

The videos reference knitting faster, that’s not really my goal, just to be able to knit and purl comfortably and effectively. HTH

I would love to see the first video about the “flicking” but she goes way too fast and it’s not a clear video. I may have to find someone local to get me started again. Thanks

Here’s an update on my attempt to purl. I think I’ve found the video that shows the way I used to do it back in the day when I was knitting. (about 2007)

I will watch the knitting part and see if I can do both Continental.

Good video. If I purl like that my fingers cramp. It’s possible to “pick” purls and I find it’s easier for me and less likely to result in any discomfort but we’re all individuals and what works for might not work for you. You might check the 2nd video link in post #4 again, when you’re ready. Whatever style you settle on, I’m sure you’ll do great.

Doing it like that video, I can see the loop that I am pulling through much better.