Purl Stitch

Hello All… Watched this video from Google on how to do a Cable stitch and this Asian learning Video on U tube showed the cable but her purl stitch she pulled from the back. Is this an alternate way to do a purl?


I think that’s called the Norwegian purl, where the yarn stays in back of the needle.

I taught myself to do the Norwegian Purl by watching the videos and I found it to be a much better way, for me, to purl. My tension is much better and I find that when I do ribbing or moss stitch I knit much faster. Funny, I actually enjoy purling now. You might want to give that a try.

Does the stitch still look the same?

The purl stitch done as a norwegian purl technique? It should, you just work it a little different.

It does and like Suzeeq said it’s just worked a little differently.