Purl stitch question from a newbie

My instincts make me want to do the purl stitch by bringing the working yarn over the right hand needle in the opposite direction to what is proper. The proper way is to have the working yarn wrap over the right-hand needle starting from near me, up and over, [B]away from me, and down on the far side [/B]of my right-hand needle. But, after properly inserting my right hand needle into the front of the next stitch, my right hand always wants to simply put the right hand needle in front of the working yarn and then easily just push the working yarn through the loop. I can’t imagine that I’ve explained this clearly enough to be understood. What I want to know is, if I make the purl stitches that way, will they still be purl stitches? Will the the stockinette pattern still look like knits on the right side and have purl bumps on the wrong side?

Uhh… not sure I got that. To purl you bring the yarn forward BETWEEN the needles and wrap it over the top of the LEFT needle. If you wrap the yarn incorrectly it twists the stitch which will show in the finished product. If you do twist the stitch you can untwist it by knitting into the back of the stitch on the other side (it’ll be a knit stitch on the reverse). I do suggest learning to do it properly though if you are learning. Here’s some help.


To purl you bring the yarn forward BETWEEN the needles and wrap it over the top of the LEFT needle.

No, you still wrap the yarn around the right needle. I use the same motion as I do to make a knit stitch. I think what Carolyn’s proposing is making a purl the same way as in combination knitting.

So yes that would still be a purl and result in stockinette stitch, with Vs on one side and bumps on the other. But on the knit side the sts would have the leading leg in back of the needle instead of over the front, so you’d have to knit into that leading back leg in order not to twist the stitches. If I’ve understood you correctly Carolyn…

I wrap the yarn the way Carolyn does and it works (but you do have to remember not to twist the stitches when you work the next row.) It’s faster for me. Your mileage will no doubt vary.

Oh whoops. Thanks for the clarification. I misunderstood I guess. :oo: