Purl stitch before yfwd in pattern

Hello! Happy Sunday to all! I have a question about a scarf pattern.

(Let me insert here as a brief [I]aside[/I] that I just learned to knit about 8 months ago, and this pattern, although being marked as “easy”, is kicking my butt.)

The question I have is regarding an increase row. The pattern calls for the following:

[B](P1, yfwd) 15 times, P1. 31 sts[/B]

My question: After I purl the first stitch, my yarn is already in the forward position. Yet I have to yarn forward.

Do I bring the yarn all the way around the needle so that it’s in the front again? Is that what this pattern is requiring of me?

Thanks for whatever help you can offer me.

Yes, you bring the yarn around the needle to the front so you can purl. Yarn forward is essentially the same thing as a yarn over.

Purl 1, then with the yarn in front from the purl, wrap it around the needle and back to the front for the next purl. It really should have read - (p1, yrn) 15 times, p1; or (p1, YO) 15 times, p1. .