Purl Soh classic knit jacket help

Hi guys I’m knitting the purl soho classic knit jacket at the moment and was wondering how one part worksout. In the knit edging part it says to pick up stitches going up the front and around the collar and back down the front then to cast off using icord bind off, however I’m confused about how to make all the stitches fit as the way I’m following it I would end up with 150+ stitches on my 32in circular needle. The pattern says that only a 32in needle is needed for this part. Here’s the pattern:
And here’s the part of the pattern I’m confused about

That does sound like a bit of a squeeze. If you have another needle you could pick up half the sts, slide them onto the second needle and continue picking up with your original needle. At the end of the left front, turn and bind off. When you get to the second needle you can either use that (if it’s the same size) or transfer to the now almost empty original needle.
A stitch holder would work to hold the first half of the picked up sts as well.

Good thinking!