Purl on Purl? What does that look like?

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This pattern that I am working calls for a knit row and then a knit row and then a knit row, etc. But in two places they have a purl stitch.

Question: What is that purl column supposed to look like? Will it look like a column of knit stitches? If it does not–how is it supposed to be different? K2 P1 K9P1K2 How will these two columns of P1’s be different, if each row is the same?:muah:

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When you purl on that row, it will create a line of 3 purl stitches in a row rather than alternating between k and p on every row.


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The pattern reads thus:
K2, P1, K9, P1,K2


I cannot see the raised “knit stitch” which in the photo appears to be the “Purl” stitch column. Is that clearer?

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If you’ve only done a few rows, it might not look like you think it should yet. Do 2-3" and see what it looks like. What do you do on the WS, if the RS is K2, P1, K9, P1,K2?

Excuse me I forgot to say that the instructions are to work the same row for 30 rows. I did it once on the right hand half of the scarf(collar). It does nothing that i can see–looks a little different and does provide something to use to attach to the collar–but it definitely does not look like the picture! It is a pattern from “The Little Sublime hand knit book”. It has a little baby girl in white/pink sweater on the front.

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I FOUND IT! Not only do I learn something new about knitting on this site–I also learn about computers and the internet!
here is a link to the picture. Scroll down to the little sweater that says “sailing”.


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So this is the collar?..

Very cute sweater. I have the Second Little Sublime book, and the hood in the Pixie Jacket pattern in that looks like it was based on this collared version. I must try to get hold of the book you have - would love to knit that one.

Since you say you’ve knitted the entire right hand side of the collar, the pattern should be apparent and look like the picture. If it doesn’t, it seems that something has gone wrong. Could you perhaps post a photo of the section you’ve knitted so we can try to figure it out?

Okay, the raised stitch is made by the P1 on the RS which will be one of the k9 on the other side. As I said, it may take a few rows for it to start looking like that.

ETA: Ignore what I said, and listen to nannaknits. I forgot the p1 st will be p1 on both sides. You have to knit it on the other row (the RS row) to get it to come out like the picture.

I answered your question on the other thread. But I tried your pattern, if you do it as written you get a seed stitch going up the edges. So to get the stockinette stitch you need to do 2 rows:
Row 1: K2, P1, K9, P1, K2
Row 2: Knit across

by knitting across you create stockinette going up the edges 2 stitches in.

thats so cute

Yes, nannaknits solution makes total sense.

Its most unusual for Sirdar and Sublime patterns to have major errors. They are some of the most reliable patterns I’ve seen. What exactly did the words in the pattern say? Did they actually say

“work the same row for 30 rows”

Ok, ok.

I am one of those lucky (very) lucky women who is married to an artist type. He has in the past worked with yarn (rugs). Sooo, together we got out the magnifying glass and looked at the picture very closely. It seems that in deed there is an error in the instructions. I believe the basic pattern should read thus:
K2 S1P, K9,S1p,K2
K2,P1, K9, P1, K2

From what I have been able to determine from practicing is that it is the p1 on top of the slipped P stitch that makes for the raised Knit stitch on the front–does that make technical sense anyone?

Anyway, I have ripped it way down to the first 5 rows. I am also trying to clean up my edges by slipping the first stitch of each row–that seems to work a little for me–thoughts?

I have been told that Sunday is for renewing the soul–it is amazing how ripping all of it way back has done that for me today–not to mention knowing there are gals out there who will help!

Thank you all so much.

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From what I have been able to determine from practicing is that it is the p1 on top of the slipped P stitch that makes for the raised Knit stitch on the front–does that make technical sense anyone?

Yes, that would do it. P1 on the WS, Slip 1 purlwise on the RS and you’ve got your raised K stitch.

To Answer Ms Molly:

The direct quote after dividing in half the instructions for the size I am working on are:
" Working on these 15 sts only proceed as follows:
NEXT ROW: k2, p1,k9,p1,k2
Work 30 Rows without shaping.
NEXT ROW: k2, s1p,knit to last 5 sts, k2 tog,s1p, k2. You will now
have 14 sts on the needle"

Unless I am going cross eyed this actual! I believe the error comes when it states NEXT ROW k2, p1,k9,p1,k2. That is different from the first four inches of the collar because it does not give instructions for a second row.

I think I have the problem resolved FOR NOW! I have also written to the yarn manufacturer and asked if there is an errata–will let you know if I hear back from them.