Purl jog on circular knitting - how to eliminate?

I’m doing a pair of longies for my littlest girl and did an enclosed elastic waistband, so many rows of knit, one row purl, then knit again, fold and join cast on edge. There’s a little jog where the round ends, it’s not too noticeable but it’s bugging me, is there a better way of doing it so not noticeable at all? I’ve read a few threads about colour jogs but not sure if it would work the same for a purl jog?

Has anyone done this before? :??

Since knitting in the round is basically a spiral it’s pretty much the nature of the beast. You can make stripes less noticeable with a jogless jog so you might try it with the purl stitch. Personally I think I’d try it and if it didn’t work ignore it. I’m sure it’s a lot less noticeable than stripe jogging is. :wink:

Here are 3 links to get you going.


Thanks :slight_smile: I’ll try that on my next pair… I’m already onto the second leg of this pair.

I’ve used the jogless jog technique for a purl row on a hat
I made and it worked the same as using it for color. It made
a not so noticeable transition between the knit row and
purl row. :slight_smile:

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